Manager Software Release 8.8.1 Build 117 will be available May 2020 and the following are a few items that will be included with this release.
Import Labour Times

A complete upgrade of Import Labour Times has occurred allowing for the import of labour times from Excel or CSV files directly into Manager. The column headers can be configured to match the import file. Some features are:
-Imports multi day lists.
-Calculates times for finish on or after midnight on a shift.
-Timesheet line entry notes.
-Exports of information for preloading cloud applications.

Clients have been testing using TSheets https://www.tsheets.com/au with some using TSheets in the factory as well as on site. Timesheet information can also be sent to Payroll from TSheets.
Feel free to discuss with us should you wish to do testing straight away.

Timesheet Entry and Search dialogues from main ribbon.

Timesheet entry has been upgraded and simplified as has Timesheet Search which allows for selection of a timesheet to show in the Timesheet Editor
Contacts from main ribbon
The upgraded Search Dialogue allows for filtering the screen for the records required and then exporting to Excel or CSV for a marketing email list that has been requested. Additionaly able to use email link in Search Screen

Ordering Screen – Conditional Formatting.

Conditional formatting has been added to the main Ordering Screen. To access, right click on a column heading for the following menu. Settings are per workstation and will be remembered unless Restore Grid Layout has been used.


When the Manager Setting (Company Details & Settings – Estimates Tab) has the Prompt to Save Estimate ticked, a message asking whether the user wants to Save or Not is shown when leaving the Estimate. This can save time when only reviewing an Estimate.
This will now also apply when selecting Tools – Options.


Adding or Replacing Workstations

We often get Help requests regarding adding or replacing workstations either by IT Technicians or Business Owners. The information for setting up Manager on a new workstation is in an existing Manager Software on another computer.

The path to the install location can be found by opening Company Details & Settings in Maintenance and the path to the installer will be shown. Then to get the Data Source and Database details, on the main ribbon click Manager Options then Database Setup.